Private Investigation and Professional Security Services for Your Akron, OH Residence or Business

Sample Security and Investigation provides residents and businesses in Akron, OH with a wide variety of private security services, including investigations, personal and corporate security, and surveillance. Whether you are a small business, retail store, healthcare facility, large organization or a private individual, we can design and deliver a customized, professional security solution, backed by years of experience. 

Sample Security and Investigation provides the following professional security services in the Akron, OH area:

  • Private Investigation – Reliable and confidential services for attorneys, insurance companies, corporations, government agencies and individuals in the Akron, OH and surrounding areas.
  • Corporate Investigation – Thorough investigation of business operations to ensure that your company’s business practices are within the law, and to uncover any wrongdoing committed by management, employees, or third parties.
  • Financial Investigation – We are an unbiased source that can provide you with reliable information, using computer forensics to conduct a thorough investigation of financial statements, bank account records, real estate information, motor vehicle records and other data. We present evidence that is legally and professionally obtained, which can be used in court if necessary. 
  • Loss Detection and Prevention – Investigation to identify the causes of shrinkage, whether due to internal or external theft, accounting or process errors, vendor or supplier fraud, pricing mistakes or ineffective inventory management. 
  • Internal Theft, Fraud and Embezzlement – Forensic accounting to determine whether a business partner is legitimate, whether an employee is stealing from the company, or whether other illegal activities such as money laundering, tax evasion or corruption are taking place within a Akron, OH business operation.
  • Workers Comp Fraud / Insurance Fraud – Investigation to uncover fraudulent activity by employers, employees or providers, such as creating shell companies to perpetuate fraud, misclassification of employees, submitting fraudulent claims, underreporting payroll, faking or exaggerating an injury, paying kickbacks and embezzlement. 
  • Disability Fraud Investigation – Investigation to identify instances of false statements, falsified documents, non-reported information, faked injuries or disabilities, and misuse of disability benefits.
  • Background Checks – Thorough investigation into a person’s professional and personal history including criminal records, civil records, education credentials, employment history, personal references, and other specific information as required.
  • Identification Finger Printing – We are capable of providing identification services for various professions which require fingerprinting in the Akron, OH area. We offer Live Scan fingerprinting, as well as utilizing advanced scanning technology to convert a traditional Ink Fingerprint Card into an electronic record. 
  • Witness Locating and Interviews – Sample Security and Investigation are experts in locating witnesses nationwide. All witness interviews are conducted by highly skilled, experienced private investigators, utilizing the most advanced recording equipment. After the interview, we provide a detailed assessment of the person being interviewed. 
  • Surveillance Service – Stationary or Mobile – Our highly trained private investigators provide stationary and mobile surveillance services, staying within the law, to gather evidence on suspected cheating spouses, vandals, alleged missing persons, insurance or disability scams, or to determine a person of interest’s daily routine.
  • Sexual Harassment Investigation in the Workplace – For Akron, OH companies that need to outsource an investigation into a sexual harassment complaint, Sample Security and Investigation provides impartial fact-finding, interviewing and reporting services, adhering to all mandated confidentiality requirements, to provide court-admissible evidence. 
  • Disgruntled or Dangerous Employee Situation – We consult with Akron, OH organizations, providing HR and management teams with guidance on assessing risk, engaging troublesome employees, and de-escalating potentially dangerous situations.
  • Robbery, Bomb Threat and Workplace Violence Training – We provide comprehensive training for managers and staff members in threat assessment, situational awareness and decision making in the event of a potential violent incident in the workplace. 
  • VIP Protection / Bodyguard – Sample Security and Investigation’s experienced and highly trained employees can provide security for corporate executives, VIPs, and personnel transporting valuables or money, including needs assessment, advance route planning, compliance with applicable laws, vehicles and driving security, protective details and special needs. 
  • Vacation House Checks / Housesitting – We make it possible for Akron, OH residents to rest easy while on vacation. We will visit your home and check that all accessible windows and doors are secure, check for excessive mail, packages and newspapers, and walk your property to identify anything suspicious. We also provide housesitting services. 
  • Security Cameras, Including Covert Cameras – We provide customized video security systems, utilizing multi megapixel high definition cameras and security recorders, to provide crystal clear 24/7 surveillance for your Akron, OH home or business. We utilize only the latest video security technology to provide anytime, anywhere viewing of live or recorded video footage. 
  • Building Access Control – Whether you need to secure one door or one thousand doors, at a single headquarters or at multiple locations, our networked access control solutions provide flexible, scalable and affordable options. 
  • Security Consulting – Whatever your security needs in the Akron, OH area, Sample Security and Investigation can provide expert guidance and create a customized action plan to address your personal or corporate security. 

Your Trusted Security Provider in Akron, OH

Sample Security and Investigation is committed to offering the highest level of security to residents and businesses in Akron, OH and the surrounding area. We can create a private security solution that meets your unique needs and specifications, while remaining within your budget. 

Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home or business is protected. Call us today for a customized, no obligation security assessment!