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Who We Are

Sample Security Service is a professional surveillance organization providing security solutions to Akron Ohio, homes, schools, and businesses.

A person’s property can become vandalized, break-ins can occur, and numerous other emergencies can arise in the blink of an eye. Plenty of issues plague modern day society, and it is not uncommon for violent acts to hit locations as well. Hence, it is of the utmost importance for Akron, Ohio residences and offices to be safeguarded. Sample Security Service proudly offers the security systems that folks require today.

“A video surveillance system is your first line of defense against break-ins, theft, liabilities, vandalism, and property damage.” – Steve L. Sample

Steve L. Sample of Akron, Ohio has been recognized as a Professional of the Year for two consecutive years, 2017 (PR.com) and early admission for 2018, by Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide for his outstanding achievements and high level of success for over 34 years in the field of security.

Steve L. Sample is the President of Sample Security and Investigation Inc. which is a security firm providing a variety of security services including corporate, financial and private investigations as well as installation, repair and servicing of security and surveillance systems in Ohio.

Our Mission

Sample Security and Investigation’s mission is to provide home and business owners with high-quality surveillance and card access systems. Along with this top-notch equipment, the organization also prides itself in giving each client the experience, attention, and professional service that they deserve.


Our Vision

Every Akron, OH resident and business owner has the right to feel safe at home, school, or work. Therefore, our establishment goes above and beyond in offering custom designed systems to give these people the peace of mind that they crave.

Our Values

Hard Work

Hard work and dedication never hurt anyone. The entire team works diligently to keep you, loved ones, and assets safe. Employees are experienced and have the know-how to deliver.


Family members are the people that make life worthwhile. It is crucial for you to look after and protect them. Let our technicians help and make the monumental task easier.


It can be challenging to find an honest organization with high morals in the modern world. Sample Security and Investigation sticks to the basic principles of being open and ethical with every customer.


People in neighborhoods, towns, and cities must come together to stop crime. Sample Security and Investigation is happy to be a part of the close-knit Akron, OH community. Here, the team and citizens cooperate to make the area safer.